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Campaigning will begin March 16th at 7am PST and end March 25th at 7am PST.

Voting will open March 28th at 8am PST and close March 29th at 12pm PST. Voting will be conducted online.

For more information or any questions, email the Chief Returning Officer, Rahman Ganiyu, at



Diab, Sam

My name is Sam Diab and I am running to be your 15 th Engineering Society President! I come into this position as someone who has a plethora of experience in student government having served previously in the Engineering Society as a VP-External and First Year Rep, in the SUO as an Applied Science Rep as
well as the Western Engineering Student Societies' Team as a VPFA. The Engineering Society has been criticized over the past two years and with merit. It’s time to revolutionize the Engineering Society operations and ensure that students get the services they so desperately need from this organization. As President of the Engineering Society, I will be working with the team on ensuring engineering students have more connections in the industry, have the skills needed to be competitive in their job searches, are able to access quality food on campus at any time of the day, and get to enjoy more regular social events. I will ensure that all of our operations are transparent and all meeting minutes publicly available. I am ready to get to work for you all and will not stop fighting until students on this campus get the services they deserve.

Williams, Timothy

Hello everyone, I’m Tim, a 3rd year electrical engineering student. My campaign this year, for VPI, is all about the engineering society as a whole, including the students, making a collaborative effort to be the best EngSoc ever. As VP Internal I would have a lot on my plate with the Okanagan Engineering competition and making that a great experience for all the students, and I also want to look into working with the other committees to bring events like the Trebuchet competition back to the EngSoc. 
I want to see more student engagement in the EngSoc, so I would be heavily encouraging and working towards such engagement. More voting participation, more referendums when deciding on things that affect the engineering students, more accessibility with regards to both joining the meetings and seeing the meeting minutes. More, more, more. There are so many amazing minds within the engineering student body and I know that with this collaborative front, we can lift EngSoc to heights it’s never seen before. 
Do expect to hear from me in the near future on more about my platform, but feel free to email me suggestions at or dm on discord Timmy#3044. Thank you!!

Devarakonda, Anirudh
Faubert, Spencer

Hello Engineering Students, my name is Spencer Faubert, and I am running for VP Finance. I am a student in 3 rd year Manufacturing Engineering. My faith and family are the two most important things to me and in my free time… well one day I hope to get some again. Given my 3 years in engineering I have come to know what many of you have requested of EngSoc and intend to do my best to make them happen. The last few years have been rough on all of us and have limited the engineering societies’ opportunities to engage with the students. Hopefully this upcoming year will be mostly in-person and so I want to make sure the engineering students not only know about us but are proud to have us as a council. I would push for more events that benefit the day-to-day life of engineering students. I also want to address the obvious surplus that has accumulated over the past years and work with the council to determine the best way to use it to benefit my fellow students. I hope that all of you vote this year on March 28 th – 29 th.

Chughtai, Usman
Varjangbhay, Naman

My name is Naman Varjangbhay and I am running to become your next Vice president of External Affairs. In the past year, I have worked closely with UBC as an Orientation leader where my networking skills became very useful. By taking part in this role, and using my networking and team-building skills, I want to expand on the interactions and impacts our Engineering students have outside of UBC, especially because these are opportunities to expand their networking in the real world. Being part of conferences and competitions such as Model United Nations and the Harvard Model Congress Europe, I have experienced the delegatory scenarios and rigor students will experience when attending conferences like CFES and WESST. If elected, I will use my collaborative and communication skills gained from prior leadership experiences to work with external organizations, giving our Engineering students more exposure to a wider variety of situations and scenarios. My experiences as an Orientation Leader and from MUN and HMCE have provided me with the skills and knowledge needed to be your next VP of External Affairs, improving the engineering students' lives. 

Mujumdar, Ayush

Hey everyone, my name is Ayush Mujumdar and I’m running to be your next VP corporate relations at the Engineering Society. This year as VP communications I have gained multiple skills like networking through the social media management, which gave me an opportunity to serve within the Engineering society. As a person with previous experience in The Engineering society, I have had the opportunity to work within a collaborating setting and leadership positions alike which I plan to apply to corporate events I have gained interest in the VP corporate roles. The role of the VP Corp entails endorsing, maintaining, and creating professional opportunities for the student body. If elected, I plan to bring more networking events, industry professionals, and sponsorships that will allow career building opportunities. In addition I am planning to foster an environment that allows students to build connections that within the university and outside university resources.

Soares, Leonardo
Shgal, Aryan
Unkili, Thilak

It’s amazing that technology has evolved to where we can broadcast any message to a large audience with minimal delay and effort. Yet, communication should not end with a one-way broadcast, communication should be an open pathway that encourages people to openly share ideas, raise concerns, and ask the right questions. For this open pathway to establish, a strong facilitator is required; my name is Thilak Unkili and I am running to be your VP of Communications for the Engineering Society. As a sophomore mechanical engineering student, my personal experiences have allowed me to identify areas of improvement in communication between the EngSoc and students. EngSoc is an organization made for the students by the students, hence, an open communication channel must be established between the organization and the students. I aspire to serve as the bridge facilitating this exchange. Furthermore, despite EngSoc planning incredible events for students, only a minority population is aware of them. To improve the overall student experience, I recognize the need to improve and diversify our communication channels. Lastly, for a positive learning environment, I hope to increase awareness about the mental health resources provided. Let’s have an incredible year!

Rakhlmor, Aziz


Chopra, Sidd

My name is Siddharth Chopra, and I wish to be the international representative in the engineering society at UBC. The engineering society is a place that I am familiar with as I have worked with them this previous year as a director of sponsorships, and I understand what it means to be a part of that team. As an international student the last two years have been a very trying time, due to the fact that classes were not always offered asynchronously and in some cases exams were also held at difficult times for students. Due to this I would like to be the person who can be part of engsoc and be there for the entire international student population in engineering. Having said this, I will also be an access point for any engineers and will make sure that all issues are heard and dealt with.  Additionally, I would like to be able to create a more positive environment in engineering in-between the students and the faculty. These things can be achieved through engineering society since I believe that I am passionate and capable of representing the voices of fellow engineers.

Ropotar, James
Kankanamge, Viduni

My name is Vi Kankanamge, and I’m a rising second-year electrical engineering student, and I’m running for Second Year Representative here at the Engineering Society at UBC. As your second-year rep, I want to ensure that your voices are heard in council; which is why I promise to promote inclusivity, be accessible to our community, and support everyone in feeling heard. I’ve had the pleasure of representing our first-year class in council this past year and would love the opportunity to continue to do so as we go on to second year. These past few years have been difficult due to the pandemic, but I want to ensure that our transition back to regaining a sense of normalcy is as smooth as possible. As your second-year representative, I promise to uphold your values, vote in council to our class’s benefit, and ensure we make the most of our second year.

Loney, Etienne

Hello, my name is Etienne Loney and I hope to become your second-year representative. I believe I will be a good fit for the position because I’ve already been involved in the Engineering Society as a first-year rep. With this experience, I hope to be an even more effective second-year representative. My primary goal as a second-year rep is to establish more communication between the students, the engineering society, and the school of engineering. Lots of valuable opinions and feedback goes unvoiced, especially among students. When issues and concerns are brought up to me, I'll make sure they are resolved quickly and responsibly. If you feel inclined, please consider voting for me as one of your second-year representatives

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